Choosing Wooden Work Tops for Improved Kitchen Interior

Wooden kitchen worktops around the sink white cabinets wooden countertops for kitchen

There are a lot of materials being used for the construction of kitchen work tops; PVC, stainless steel, ceramic tiles, marble, and granite are the common material famous for making modern-times Kitchen work-top station.

Wooden Worktops Best For Kitchen

Modern Kitchen interior emphasis more on improving the anesthetics and visual effects of the space; Nonetheless, wood has been considered the best choices when it comes to decorating a kitchen in a conventional and traditional way. Wooden countertops could make your kitchen look appealing not just visually but also aesthetically due to the natural finish it contains.

Wood may add a rustic decor feature to a simple space, giving it a more natural, smooth makeover , on top of all making a scheme with wooden kitchen worktops or wood countertops is fairly easier compared to laminated and granite countertops.

Are Granite Work Tops Out?

Granite work tops are not out of fashion, they will never be because people love to install marble and granite on the kitchen floor, kitchen countertops and work tops. It is all about personal preference and choice.  Granite, stone and concrete still are the best choice for any interior and tops. It is just that wood has more appealing effect when it comes to making a match with overall interior of a space.

Oil infused Wood Countertops Unlike Old Times

Unlike old times when wooden kitchen worktops were supposedly more prone to getting damaged due to  the absence of cutting edge technology. As no technology was used for constructing wooden timbers for the workstations and counters, they would tend to damage before their time due to overuse. Absence of oiling on the surface also made their surfaces prone to cuts, dents and stains.

Today you have better options in wood work tops. They are constructed by infusing high grade oiling strategy with advanced technology and this is for making sure that the surface of wood would not damage due to overuse in the kitchen.Since kitchen is the most busiest work station in the entire home, it is so important to make sure you have the right type of countertops in place.

Merits of Wood Kitchen Work Top

There are many advantages  of installing wooden kitchen work tops in the kitchen interior. The most common elements to consider  when investing on wooden kitchen countertops are as follows: maintenance required on the wood surface, life span or durability of the timbers used for making the work station, cost of the material and color for certain. The color of the work top matters if you are match it with the kitchen paint on the walls, accent walls and other sorts of Kitchen furniture.

Good thing about wooden work top is that it would match almost any type of kitchen interior whether it is dark or light. However if you have dark maple wood work top for your space you might have to pick the kitchen wall paint colors a bit carefully or else your interior might end up darker than you have expected.

Advantages of Wooden Kitchen Countertops

Here are some advantages of Wooden Kitchen work tops for Kitchen remodel.

Affordable Material
Wood work tops are affordable compared to stainless steel, granite, quartz and stone work tops.

Different Types of Wood Work tops

There are different types of wood available to suit your Kitchen interior project such as oak, teak, maple, bamboo, walnut, and beech. Cypress can also be considered. In order to have your wooden kitchen work tops customized and installed on a budget you should go for beech wood and oak wood because they are very affordable and inexpensive compared to teak, walnut and other exotic hardwood.

No Wastage of Material

There is another benefit of choosing Wood work top for your kitchen, there are no complicated cut and recuts involved and needed for the installation. You can buy wood timbers in pre -cut (ready to take home) by ordering on the spot, they tend to fit easily on any kitchen space whether it is small, narrow, big or medium sized.  Pre-cut and custom wood timbers are available according to the dimensions of your kitchen work tops.

Rustic Wooden Kitchen Work Tops
Wood kitchen counter tops always look fantastic, they may have very intricate pattern and textures. If decorating your kitchen in farm house or country inspired style has been your dream it would come true by simply installing wooden kitchen countertops. They would never go out of trend because wood is a forever green material used for making furniture, cabinets, storage drawers and back splashes.

Easy To Maintain
Compared to granite or stone, wood kitchen countertops would be easy to clean due to natural healing properties of the wood. It usually has antibacterial agents which could add good value to your kitchen hygiene thereby improving its aesthetic and makeover altogether.

Pre-seasoned or pre-oiled Wood Countertops
Some Wood worktops may require weekly maintenance, you have to oil and season them with the mineral oil to maintain their life and beauty. However, now many companies are offering oil infused wooden kitchen work top timbers which have oil already on their surface which prevent the surface from scratches, stains and marks.

Add Rustic Elements with Wooden Kitchen Work Tops

If you have chosen to install walnut or Oak or Maple work top in your kitchen during its remodel, you can add more wooden elements in the space to give it a perfect rustic vibe. You can install rustic backsplashes in the space and pick a Kitchen island that has oak, walnut or teak table top, it would help you create a balance between visual and makeover of the kitchen.


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