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Yellow River granite is used in indoor and outdoor architectural projects. Yellow River is imported from Brazil, this granite stone is distinctive in color, comes with great combo colors of gray, yellow, gold and a little tint of brown as well.

Names of Yellow River:

Here are some other famous names this granite/stone is famous for: Golden Granite, Beige Granite and Yellow Granite.

Yellow Granite Finish

Yellow River Granite slabs come in leathered finish, honed finish, and simply polished finished to cater to various sort of bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. Most commonly, this granite is used for making kitchen countertops, kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes and countertops.

Yellow River Granite Patterns

Yellow River is quarried in Brazil along with some other country. This is really amazing that one Yellow River slab would never match with another one when it comes to patterns, texture, and colors that run through the veins of the granite. God is great for making these many variations within the same specie of granite stone.

Beige/Golden Granite Complex in Nature

Many believe that Yellow River stone is complex it nature, you usually see streaks and veins of golden in the slab but besides this one color you may find some other colors like cream, gold and gray. Sometimes gold veins are so much intense on the stone that people often confuse Yellow River with the Orange granite which is relatively darker in shade and texture.

Yellow River Granite for Kitchen Interior Design and Remodel

Due to having a luxury feel, look and vibe, Yellow River Granite is often considered the best stone for the construction of kitchen countertops and backsplashes and for bathroom countertop and backsplashes. It can also be used for kitchen flooring and bathroom shower walls just like any other marble and stone. Interior designer loves its yellow and gold tint because this tine evokes a luxury and royal style aura when used with the greatly painted wall colors.

Here are five reasons you should include and consider investing on Yellow River Granite Countertops.
Great Ambiance: The first obvious pros of Yellow River countertops is that their color stand out and match well with the walls of the space. You can even paint your kitchen walls in white color, the color of granite will create a nice effect if you choose a good lighting over the countertops.
Variations of Cabinets: The glossy effect of the Yellow River countertops can go well in the kitchen interior design.It does not matter what the color of the kitchen cabinets are, your space will turn out to be stunning and welcoming when you choose this granite for the countertops. Some kitchen cabinets colors, however, can make a perfect theme with the Yellow River Granite countertops. For example, in a rustic kitchen interior, you may want to have Cherry wood cabinet or Oak cabinets. The color of the Kitchen cabinets can be changed from white to cream to dark depending on the overall color combinations of kitchen walls and furniture such as Kitchen Island, storage cabinets, wall mounted racks and the ceiling lighting.
Durable and Easy to Maintain: Yellow River Granite Kitchen countertops are usually very durable that is very reason every interior designers suggest to install this stone, not just in the kitchen but also in the bathroom and near the sink areas which are exposed to the water. This stone is so durable, it can last to 30 years or more depending on the thickness of the Yellow River stone you have picked for your countertops and backsplashes. Yellow Granite is also very easy to clean, you can simply clean it with warm water if it is polished, honed and leathered and the granite surface will be cleaned instantly without any struggle.
Versatile Patterns: Yellow Granite has some other names as well such as Beige granite and Golden granite, it is up to the intensity of the color that runs in the veins of the stones. Yellow River Kitchen countertops may have a beige, yellow and very bright golden effect or look depending on the intensity of the particular color.

What Minerals and elements are found in Yellow River granite?

This is one of the most common question here is the list of the common mineral deposit in yellow River, hornblende, feldspars, potassium, quartz, and plagioclase.


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